The tidal river Oude Maas, which our park is situated at is a good fishing water. Because the river is relatively close to the sea, the tide is very noticeable also for the fish. Depending on high and low tide, they visit several zones to bait. With this knowledge the angler can find its proper spot very well.

And what about the fish stock. Predatory fish such as walleye and perch as also large schools of white fish such as roach seek the shelter of the harbor throughout the year. In the summer there is the asp, which especially in the early morning and in the early evening hunts on the young bait fish that the river is rich in the flow. Big ide and schools of bream pull over invisible and are well cached with the winkle picker. Even catfish are regularly caught and may be fished since 2013.

The dynamics of the tides and the drainage of rainwater creates a strong current. Good for fishing, but adjust your gear to it. From the beautiful fishing pier on our site or from the riverside zones within walking distance of our Park you can practice your sport very well.

The boat fisherman can fully enjoy the Oude Maas, the river has a very fine walleye populations, which can be vertically, drop shot or trolling fished. Success guaranteed! If you stay at our campsite you can easily use the slipway at our park. Your trailer is for free and is secure on our site.

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vissen oude maas.jpg