Our wide slipway in combination with our new tractor and boat wagon purchased in 2014 ensures that we can quickly and safely facilitate boats up to 55 tons. Boats weighing up to 4 tons can be put on transport. For boats over 4 tons, we can hire a mobile crane.

Motorboats and sailboats
are out of the water quickly and without risk by our skilled personnel for summer, winter, week storage or inspection.This way of taking boats out of the water has the advantage that your boat is 'carried' on the underwater hull and not with ropes. We also have a mast crane. Near our slipway boats are hosed immediately.


Trailer slipway
Against a payment of € 12,50 it's possible to use the slipway with a boat on a trailer. We also have 10-ride tickets or an unlimited trailer card.

Your vehicle and trailer remain in the locked storage area while you are cruising.

The 10-ride tickets and unlimited trailer card can also be combined with a storage so your trailer and boat can remain with us throughout the summer season or even the whole year.

Our reception is open from 09:00 - 17.00 daily in season where you can get the tokens for the slipway as well as the cards. Current opening hours

Rates storage & slipway



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